Run with Carla


I am an experienced runner and tackle events ranging from fell running to 5k Parkruns and marathons. I have a Run England qualification as a Leader in Running Fitness.

I can offer a running specific package of sessions tailored to your needs which can include a training programme, 1 to 1 and small group sessions, core, strength and flexibility work and advice on nutrition. Contact me at for further details or to book a consultation.

NEW-Online run coaching and mentoring
I am happy to work with Skype/email and phone calls to help deliver run training and support you with your running.

Beginners sessions

I work with complete beginners to build up running fitness to work towards running 5k with a progressive programme of running and walking.

Training for events

I can offer a specific training programme and training sessions to train for an event such as a half marathon.

Speedwork and improver sessions

The most effective way to improve running is through interval training to make you a stronger, faster runner. This can include hills, fartlek training and tempo running alongside drills and technique work.

Strength and core work for runners

I work with runners to improve flexibility, core strength, balance and proprioception. This can help increase running effciency and reduce the risk of injury.

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