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Winter Motivation

Cold weather, Dark nights-How can you keep motivated through the winter? Here are my top tips to keep you in you motivated this winter. Set yourself a goal- Goals can help keep us motivated through the winter. Make sure it’s SMART. Specific-What exactly do you want to achieve? If its weight loss-how much? If it’s … Continue reading

The Feel Good Factor

This week I was a guest on ‘The feel good factor’ a radio show which features motivational techniques, tips to help you live an inspired, successful life. So here is a summary of my top tips to ‘feel good’. Exercise is a great way to feel good. It increases endorphins which act to create a … Continue reading

Move more Sheffield

There is no one who cannot benefit from adding more physical activity in to their day. Thats why I am supporting the Move More Sheffield Campaign to get people moving more. Move More and you’ll feel better, look better, work better and play better. Starting 27th July 2013 (the one year anniversary of the start … Continue reading

Summer Body Blitz Bootcamp

Want to get into shape for summer? New From Monday 3rd June Bootcamp Spider Park along with Kate Campbell Professional Fitness. Would be great to see you there.Contact me for more info.