Keeping your fitness goals on track

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Stats suggest that many of us have quit our New Year goals by the 23rd January (the end of next week). If you are struggling to stay on track have a go at answering the questions below and read over my post from last year about keeping on track with your New Year Goals. Good Luck 🙂

What is the biggest change you need to make to achieve your goal?

If you can identify the things that are challenging you from achieving your goal you can take action to overcome them.

How will it feel to achieve your goal? And if you don’t?

Keep this in mind when the going gets tough. When you are torn between reaching for a chocolate bar mid afternoon or some fresh fruit. When you want to curl up in front of the TV instead of heading out for a run or to the gym think about how good it will feel to achieve your goal.

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Earlier in the month I gave my top tips to achieve your New Year Fitness goals in the Sheffield Star. If you missed it read my tips here:

Now well into the New Year new years resolutions may begin to suffer as good intentions get put under pressure with the other demands on our time and energy, so how do you keep on track?

First of all think about your goal. Was it realistic? Do you need to re-evaluate your goal and make a more achievable plan. Maybe your goal was to lose a stone and you are feeling down hearted because you haven’t achieved your goal. Go back to the drawing board and set a more realistic goal for example to lose a 1lb a week. Losing weight slowly and making long term changes to eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly is much more sustainable in…

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