Health and Fitness Blogging

I am Carla a personal trainer in Sheffield and am passionate about health and fitness.I particularly enjoy running on the trails and fells of the Peak District. I like to cook, read and have an ambition to write a book someday.I am fairly new to blogging although I have written odd posts in the last couple of years I have not updated my blog consistently and regularly however my New Year goal is to blog more regularly.I want to connect with others who are interested in health and fitness as well as people that what to improve and learn about health and fitness. I would like it to be a collection of useful info for my clients and friends to refer to. I would also like to improve my writing-so am keen for any feedback or comments.

In my blog I am going to write about my health and fitness journey through the year with information on healthy recipes, wellbeing and keeping fit as well as looking into health and fitness topics that crop up in the press during the year. I would also love to engage with you (my readers) and so would love to know what topics you would like to know more about so please comment on any topic areas or health and fitness related questions you would be interested in reading about in future posts on my blog.

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