Get Weigh Ahead On Your Weight Loss Goals

If your goal is to lose weight or drop down a dress size. Once you are clear about your specific goal, I want to lose 7lb by July, you need an action plan to help you get there. You will need to look at both exercise and diet to be most effective in reaching your goal. Below I have outlined 4 areas to focus on.

Important to any weight loss is to look in detail at your diet. A good start is to complete a food diary of everything you eat and drink. From this you need to think about setting mini goals. Realistically to lose 1lb a week you need to be creating a deficit of 500 calories a day this of course can be done by a combination of diet and exercise but making some healthy swaps and cutting back on portion sizes may be an easy way to save a few hundred calories a day.Remember quality is important eating fresh, unprocessed food is also important.

Daily Activity
If you increase the amount of activity you do day to day this will support you in achieving your 500 calorie deficit and you can do it without going to the gym. Try using the stairs more often instead of the lift or escalator, standing up more often, walking to get to places instead of taking the car, or even doing some exercises in short snatches of time such as the advert breaks on TV or while you waiting for the kettle to boil.

Strength and Resistance Exercises
By adding some resistance exercises to your routine it will help ensure you are achieving fat loss rather than muscle loss. Maintaining lean body mass is important as it helps maintain your metabolism what’s more increasing your muscle mass means you will keep your muscles toned and burn more calories at rest as increasing your muscle tissue helps boost your metabolism. In simple terms your body burns more calories maintaining muscle than fat even when you aren’t exercising.

Interval Training
Finally aerobic exercise such as walking, running, biking or swimming can definitely help you burn more calories which will help you towards your weight loss goal. However if you can throw in some interval training where you are alternating higher intensity bursts with low to moderate intensity bursts you will work harder and therefore continue to burn more calories after exercise as your body recovers this is known as the ‘afterburn’.

I will be focusing on these areas with my clients who have weight loss goals. I am also launching a new group which will focus on these areas in a small group setting to support you with your weight loss goals click here for further details . Alternatively I can work with you on a 1to1 basis to help give you more flexibility, time, attention and support see here for personal training packages.

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