Exercise in the Great Outdoors

Spring is here the city parks and streets are full of daffodils and blossom so there is no better time for getting outdoors to exercise. Sheffield is a great city for the great outdoors with lots of green spaces and so close to the Peak District. There is lots of choice of activities from walking or running to bootcamps, climbing and Mountain biking. What’s more exercising outdoors has lots of great benefits so is a great supplement or change from a gym session. Here are 5 reasons to add an outdoor session to your weekly workouts.

1. The sunlight on your skin produces vitamin D vital for strengthening bones as well as other health benefits.
2. Studies suggest being outdoors is great for our mental well being. It helps us feel revitalized, can improve mood and reduce stress.
3. There is endless fun and variety to be found outdoors which is much more stimulating and fun that staring at numbers on the treadmill screen. Even your gardening can be a great workout!
4. You are likely to burn more calories and work harder. The varied terrain and challenge of body weight exercises are great for giving your fitness a boost that can’t be found from the gym.
5. It can boost your motivation, save you time and save you money. It is hard to keep motivated when you are going from sitting at a desk in front of a screen to going to a gym and sitting on a bike or running on treadmill in front of a screen. Getting outside gives you a break from technology. There are no expensive gym memberships and you can go straight from your door saving you time too.

If you fancy getting fit in the great outdoors I am running a Bootcamp session at Spider Park on a Tuesday night at 7pm. Contact me at trainwithcarla@gmail.com for more details.
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