Winter Motivation

Cold weather, Dark nights-How can you keep motivated through the winter?

Here are my top tips to keep you in you motivated this winter.

Set yourself a goal- Goals can help keep us motivated through the winter. Make sure it’s SMART.
Specific-What exactly do you want to achieve? If its weight loss-how much? If it’s to run faster-I want to run 5K in 25minutes.
Measureable-Is there a way to measure your goal to see if you are on track or if you have achieved it?
Agreed-It should be a goal that’s important to you.
Realistic-Is you goal achievable?
Time bound-When are you going to achieve your goal by? If it’s a long term goal that might take you several months to reach you might need to break it down into shorter term goals.

Do it with others-Arrange to meet friends for a run or at the gym or join a club or class. This can be a real motivator when you get in from work and just want to curl up in front of the TV. If you have made an arrangement you are more likely to stick to it. Knowing someone else is waiting for you will give you that kick to get going furthermore making exercise social means you can catch up with your friends while getting some exercise

Little and often-Can’t manage an hour so don’t bother? Exercise can be done in short bouts and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Follow me on Facebook for a 12 days of Christmas daily workout starting from boxing day which will take just a couple of minutes and give your metabolism a boost over the holiday period.

Get outside-Many people suffer from SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder at this time of year. Getting outside for a walk a run or even just to fetch the paper all helps with boosting your mood.

Sign up for some January Personal Training Sessions-I can support you with setting a goal to keep you motivated. I will make the sessions varied and fun to keep you motivated. Arranging an appointment and having someone you are accountable to all helps keep you on track to achieve your goals. Contact me at to find out more and arrange a consultation

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