The Feel Good Factor

This week I was a guest on ‘The feel good factor’ a radio show which features motivational techniques, tips to help you live an inspired, successful life.

So here is a summary of my top tips to ‘feel good’.

Exercise is a great way to feel good. It increases endorphins which act to create a sense of well being, can help lift your mood and reduce stress. Exercising outdoors has been show to have further benefits as it helps revitalize our body and mind as well as boost energy levels. Being outside is also great for our bodies as we absorb Vitamin D from the sunlight which is important for our bones.

Set goals. Goals are great motivators and we benefit from a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when we achieve them which can help increase our confidence and self esteem. When setting your goal make sure you set a SMART goal.

Specific-I want to be able to run is not specific. How far? How fast?

Measurable-In order to be able to know if you have achieved your goal it needs to be measurable.  I support with this as a Personal Trainer and help keep you on track.

Agreed-It’s no good having a goal that you don’t agree with. I always talk to you about what you want to achieve and we agree upon a way to work towards your goal.

Realistic-Aiming high is great and goals can always be adjusted but it is important to consider whether your goal is attainable.

Time-phased-It’s important to think about how long you want to allow to achieve your goal.This helps keep you focused and motivated. Whatever your goal whether it be fitness, life or work based it is helpful to set short and medium term goals which will help keep you on track to achieve your long term aim.

Finally one of the songs I choose for the show was ‘A Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong. There is a great quote I like to keep in mind:

 ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift that is why it’s called the present.’

For me this song sums up that thought. It reminds us to stop a moment look around and be grateful for all the things we have. Trees of green, red roses, blue skies, friends around us…

The full show is available to listen to this week on the link below:

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